" Xcalibur.coach is truly a world-class professional services group that consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. They provided content development, facilitation and one on one coaching for Pearson's leadership and career progression series delivered in association with Cornell University. As a seasoned professional, I myself learned and applied recommendations from the facilitators and the net promoter score from students was exceptional. "

Brian Epp,
Director of Student Success for Pearson Higher Ed Managed Services

"The Xcalibur team and their leader, Dr. Bindu Khosla are just amazing. My interactions with Bindu and her insights on one's personality have been so invigorating and soul searching, that one starts to look within oneself more deeply and intensely. I am a better human being after I met her, for sure. "

Alok Nigam,
Senior VP and Group CHRO
Bhartiya Group

"My journey with Xcalibur just began with a wonderful start. They have given me real guidance to do introspection, to polish up my strengths and to work upon my possible areas of opportunities. I have already started applying the little pieces of practical advice that they have given as part of my Individual Development journey - including little things like openly appreciating others and listening actively to not just ‘what’ is being said but also ‘how’ it is being said. It gives me immense pleasure to be coached by Dr Bindu and her team."

Arindam Mukhopadhyay,
Associate Consultant
Tata Consultancy Services

"I would like to thank the Xcalibur team, especially Dr. Bindu, for their expertise in Leadership and Career Progression area. This is an extremely talented team with the right set of tools to help people take the next leap in their career. I am very happy that Cornell Executive Management Program has included this module of Xcalibur in their curriculum in a phased manner. I found it very useful and am sure it will help me take my career to new heights and help me grow as a leader."

Pankaj Gupta,
Senior Project Manager
IGT Solutions Pvt. LTd.

"Xcalibur team was engaged with us in: (1) Building a performance oriented culture starting from the top, and cascading it downwards (2) Developing people management skills in the individual CXOs and HODs of the organization across sites. Dr. Bindu Khosla kicked off the initiative with a very structured and rigorous approach to coaching which was very well appreciated. During the course of the year-long journey, she was very comfortable with modifying her approach to not only deal with the unique personalities of individual leaders, but also ground level challenges faced by the organization as a whole.At the end of the training & coaching sessions for the year, the teams reported an average of 15% increase in the people management competencies of their individual leaders against a target of 10% that had been taken up by the leaders themselves at the beginning of the initiative. The feedback was captured through a structured process and compared to the baseline, to arrive at the result. During the coaching journey, the level of energy and dedication exhibited by Dr. Bindu Khosla has been quite infusive and helped our organization rediscover its potential to change."

Rohit Raj Modi,
Promoter Director
Ashiana Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Working with Dr. Bindu has been a delight. She’s well balanced in her views, with a very astute understanding of real-life business situations, and provides appropriate advice. A coach and leader who goes above and beyond to make herself available when you need her holds you accountable to results and helps build habits. What makes her and the team unique is also the innovative learning techniques they use and provide personalized learning instruments. Such exercises not only build engagement and confidence, they also help enable deeper self-awareness, which is integral to any leadership development exercise.

Bhawna Chawla,
Lead Talent Management
Black Rock

The Xcalibur team and their leader, Dr. Bindu Khosla are a wonderful and a very professional team. Every interaction with Dr. Bindu was a great learning experience for me and helped me introspect on my leadership style further. Her expertise in Leadership Development and Career Progression area is exceptional. This is a very talented team with the right set of tools and mentoring ability to help professionals across levels prepare for the next leap in their career. I would strongly recommend Dr. Bindu & the Xcalibur team to senior professionals who are looking at honing their Leadership skills further, to achieve their career goals."

Alka Maurya,
Director, Analytics

Dr. Bindu has been my coach, mentor and motivator in the last one year during my Cornell Executive Management Programme. Her insights on the subject of leadership and careers are outstanding and absolutely relevant and inspiring. Her style of coaching is so professional yet supported by personal involvement and additionally, extremely motivating. I opened up to her on so many aspects of my personal life which she very strategically connected to how I was as a professional and the Leader. It was amazing every time I spoke to her, the suggestions and ideas she gave were simple, practical and meaningful to my job. I have applied everything she taught to my work today. She has given personal attention and supported me and all my other fellow students who are also senior professionals. I am so obliged to her for making my career take a big leap on my output at work...eventually leading to my being able to maximise my potential to its fullest. She should be every aspiring leader’s coach :) My best wishes to her always.

Swati Sharda,
Vice President-Marketing and Business Operations
Mint HT Media ltd

Dr. Bindu khosla was engaged by us as a Program Director for Designing and managing the implementation of the Frontline Supervisors & Managers Training Program for 200 Frontline leaders of a large international BPO based out of Philippines. The training was designed as a rigorous blended program spread over 10 weeks. Dr. Khosla was responsible for designing the program and session content around the existing LMS self- paced online learning modules. She was also in-charge of the managing execution of the program by training and supporting our facilitators, and served as the single point interface with the client. She managed the engagement extremely well from beginning to the end, leading to the high degree of satisfaction from participants, L&D team members, etc. Completion rates were also high, especially considering the considerable ration of online self-paced content that needed to be included. We value our relationship with Dr. Khosla and look forward to working with her again on many future projects and programs!

Joseph A. Hopper,
Head- learning Design & Development
Pearson Professional Programs

“It has been a very satisfying experience to have Xcalibur.Coach team as our HR partners. With their hands-on 'Outsider-Insider' approach, they have become an integral part of our organization, and we have never felt that they are an outsourced agency. They have been involved in designing and making all pivotal decisions pertaining to our HR policies and processes and continue to coach/guide our leadership team on all strategic matters pertaining to our people. We value their deep focus on the cultural implications of all people related decisions and helping us move towards a more professional and performance oriented culture. We plan to continue to be associated with the Xcalibur team for the value they bring to the table and wish them all success in their ventures.”

Vipin Chutani,
Managing Director
Synergy Corporate Interiors Pvt Ltd

"Performance appraisals are negative experiences for most employees. With the help of Xcalibur.Coach, we tried to convert them into an exercise towards professional development and growth of employees. This process of “Coaching” was undertaken to help employees understand the areas where they needed help and the organization offered them the possibility of undergoing different kinds of training programs to help them improve their skills and performance. The exercise was gentle, humane and patient. It allowed the employees to understand the areas where improvement was possible with a little help and training. At no stage the employees felt threatened that their weaknesses might get exposed. It has been a very good experience for most employees.Xcalibur has also made the management understand the difference between employee compliance and employee commitment. Best Wishes to the Xcalibur team."

Ashutosh Sharma,
Executive Director, India
Mondragon India - (Part of Mondragon Corporation, Spain)

“We have worked with the Xcalibur.Coach team on a year - long leadership program for our company wherein the objective was not only to train the functional heads but to introduce initiatives which could be absorbed in our daily working culture to make it more performance oriented. The methodology used to understand the requirements of the participants and the company work culture as well as the analysis has impressed all the participants. The level of energy and dedication exhibited by Dr. Khosla of the Xcalibur team has been quite infusive and helped our organisation rediscover its potential to change. Working closely with her on this program has been an excellent enriching learning experience.”

Amita Malhotra,
Head - HR
Ashiana Home Pvt Ltd

"I attended a session on Career Progression delivered by Dr. Bindu and her team as part of Cornell Executive Management Programme and I have no doubt in my mind that I will recommend the programme to all my friends and colleagues. The highlight of the programme was the whole pragmatic and solution oriented approach to real professional situations unlike many theoretical self help books. Some of the challenging tips Dr. Bindu offered created really aha moments and I noticed that in the wider group as well. Furthermore, Dr. Bindu was keen to follow up on the action items which emerged from the workshop which, again, is a rarity. In short, really worthwhile investment to make sure that one remain current and focused in this rapidly changing business environment."

Samir Gupta,
Senior Vice President and Centre Director
Global Service Centre- Hyderabad - HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd

"When I met Dr. Bindu of Xcalibur, I immediately recognized her as a very vivacious, charismatic, and intelligent person who was willing to munificently impart the knowledge she has gained over the years. In her session she exhibited her insight in ‘Career Progression’ and demonstrated her proficiency as an educator and consultant. She showed dexterity in not only being able to create a powerful image for us, but also in bringing out the smaller details you might have overlooked without her meticulous methodology. She is someone who is very committed to her craft, a true virtuoso and is someone who will ensure her students’ distinctive traits are fully recognized."

Balaji Pathasarthy,
VP - Sales and Marketing (All India)
Khoday India Ltd

"Xcalibur conducted Career Progression Workshop as a part of the Cornell Executive Management Program. What impressed me was the confidence the Xcalibur team instilled in each one of us by giving us valuable and powerful career progression tips but at the same time infusing a deep sense of ownership within each of us to drive our careers goals and the preparedness we would require to achieve these goals. I left the workshop in an introspective mood but with assurance from Bindu that we would stay connected and sort out my concerns of career progression. Accordingly, I connected with Bindu and she guided me on future possibilities and related action steps. All through our interaction I found Bindu very empathetic about my professional as well as personal concerns and kept boosting my confidence about my capabilities. I wish Bindu and her organization continued success in the goals she has set to achieve for herself and her organization."

Seema Chitre,
Articulate Solutions and Services