Resume Building / Resume Review

Are you facing any of the following challenges?

  • I have so much experience that my resume runs into many pages ! I just don’t know what to retain and what to cut out!

  • I am a fresher – what do I write in my resume besides educational qualification and marks?

  • I am confused! Resumes of all applicants look so similar! What will make me stand out?

  • I have done the same work in most of the companies – do I keep repeating it in my experience under each company?

  • I do not have much to show as my qualification – how can I still make my resume impressive

  • I have sent my resume to many companies but am just not getting shortlisted!

  • I don’t know which one to put on top of my resume - my internship projects or my educational qualification?

If your answer to any one or more of the above statements is yes – then the ‘Xcalibur’  team has an answer for you!

In today’s competitive job market, having a powerful and professionally written resume is a pre requisite to getting a good job – because recruiters are flooded with many hundreds  of applications for a single job opening - that they cannot spare more than a few seconds to glance at each resume, before taking a call whether the candidate is of further interest. Hence it is critical to catch the attention of the recruiter in those first few seconds.

For your resume to stand out in the eyes of the recruiter -  it is important that it highlights your Unique Selling Points without allowing it to become too extensive. A crisp 1-2 pages resume which creates a powerful image for you and showcases most effectively what you bring to the table, is the first step in getting that job that you aspire for.

The Xcalibur team has done extensive work in the area of resume building, and has on board specialists who have transformed  passive ordinary looking unimpressive resumes that typically get lost in the hundreds of resumes that come up for an opening – into powerful ‘speaking’ resumes that speak on behalf of the candidate even before the candidate reaches the interview table.  

Over the last couple of years we have helped design professional resumes for many professionals - right from freshers to CXO level -  with a very high hit ratio in getting these people shortlisted for the jobs they have applied for – which is the primary purpose of a resume.

Resume Review Support to Senior Professionals:

Xcalibur.Coach team has provided resume review support to professionals working across a wide range of organizations and industries, such as:

And many more.

Please send in your preliminary details at the following link for an Xcalibur Coach to call you to answer any queries on the above offering. To provide your details ‘click here’

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Testimonials from freshers

This is what some of our student clients have had to say who come from colleges associated with Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, IP University, Sunrise University, Amity University, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Punjab University and also many professional colleges across states.


“I had no idea on how to put across my educational and internship details in a professional manner. An Xcalibur coach helped put together my details so impressively that I was proud to submit the same to our placement. It looked so much better than many others”


“I had worked on some good internship projects – but somehow my resume was not looking any different from the resume of other students who had not got the same chance. With the help of an Xcalibur coach, I was able to put together a very professional looking resume that highlighted my exposure very well and made it stand out.”


“I attended a webinar delivered by the Xcalibur.Coach team where they gave us good tips on resume building. I used those tips and was confident of what I managed to put together for myself. It really looked good and impressive as compared to what I was using so far.”


“Thank you Xcalibur team. I got shortlisted by 3 out of the 6 companies who had come for placements to our college. And I owe it to the powerful resume you helped me draw up”


“I learnt a lot from the tips you gave me for how to face the interviews after I had made my resume, and could answer most questions to my satisfaction.”


“I felt very confident during the placement time as I had a very professionally designed resume for myself from the Xcalibur coaches and had most of my questions answered regarding facing group discussions and facing interviews. The tips on showing the correct body language were most helpful.”


Since resume building has been a part of a larger support provided to these professionals – their comments can be viewed in the general testimonial section by clicking on the link below:

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