Defining HR Policies And Processes

HR Policies and Processes constitute the very fabric that defines the culture and values of an organization, and is also a good indicator of the approach of the management towards its human capital.

Many organizations do not realize the criticality of putting in place the right set of HR policies & processes and end up dealing with HR issues in an adhoc manner leading to a weak & confused culture. A weak culture is the main cause of failure to bind the employees together towards a common goal. Such failure leads to suboptimal output, which ends up in high attrition rates - whether voluntary or involuntary.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise of our team on organizational behaviour has equipped us with skills to cater to all aspects of HR policies and procedures. We design Recruitment policies, Induction processes, HR manuals, Templates, Checklists, various Inter and Intra Departmental Meeting Processes, frame Code of Conduct and Ethics policies, Grievance Redressal  Mechanisms, Performance Appraisal Process, Incentive Schemes, Exit Procedures and a whole range of other services for clients.