HR Outsourcing For Start Ups And SMEs

Start-ups and Small & Medium Enterprises generally do not have a full-fledged HR department, and hence face two main challenges pertaining to their human resources:

  • Disproportionate time management may end up getting spent on identifying and/or addressing urgent HR issues rather than focusing on important business issues

  • HR Matters may be getting handled on an ad hoc basis which results in:

    • Lack of uniformity

    • Mistakes being made which require correction (and hence avoidable investment of additional time and resources)

This reactive approach to Human Resource Management inhibits the development of a concrete binding culture, which is critical to developing a high performing and motivated workforce.
At Xcalibur.Coach, we provide a platform for such organizations to hire our services for handling their Human Resources in an optimal manner and/or streamlining their HR policies and procedures and even running their HR department for them until they feel that there is resource availability and enough work for the company to hire internal resources.
Some of the services that we have offered so far to our clients under this umbrella are:

  • Drawing up an organization structure that enables optimal working in the respective line of business

  • Defining detailed job descriptions for each key role

  • Help define Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • Introduce interventions to build a culture around the core values

  • Designing a recruitment system

  • Creating and/or implementing a Performance Management System

  • Training Need Analysis

  • Designing a training calendar

  • Assisting in annual goal setting

  • Designing competency frameworks and mapping  of senior roles on those competencies

  • Set up an Internal Communication System

  • Conduct Employee Satisfaction Survey and build an action plan around the results

  • Define key HR policies and Processes

  • Kick start various innovative schemes for retaining talent

Our core team is headed by well experienced professionals with Best-In-Class knowledge & latest techniques in the field to run and manage the HR machineries of clients.