Backdrop to HR Advisory

Backdrop To HR Advisory

It makes business sense for Corporate India - whether SMEs or large multinationals, to focus on their core competence. It is advisable for them to use expertise from outside, especially in areas which are critical to their business growth, but internal focus on those areas may end up eating into the resources or management bandwidth which could be better used to support their core business. Human Resource Management is one such critical area. Unless one has a full- fledged HR department with professionals with a gamut of skills on rolls, it may be more effective, both in terms of outcomes, as well as investment, to utilize external expertise in some of the critical HR related areas which have cultural implications, to support the organization's human capital.

Our team of professionals, with expertise in the field of HR & Organizational Development, is proficient in transforming old and obsolete organizational structures and HR policies into latest models of organization and policies/ procedures. We also frame Employee Handbooks, Induction Manuals & Programs, Recruitment Process and Guidelines, HR Surveys, Performance Management Systems, Internal Communication Systems, Training Need Analysis, Training Calendar etc for our clients. For Organizations which are setting up HR systems for the first time, we offer culture building services after a comprehensive diagnostic study. All the systems generated are aligned to the client's desired culture and policies. We also help clients find, retain and develop employee talent. Employing our up-to-date knowledge on best HR practices, we focus on helping corporates formulate strategies to benefit both the employees and the employers.

We at Xcalibur.Coach, offer HR Advisory services to companies of all sizes, ranging from start ups to SMEs to MNCs. As true HR partners, we strive to deliver effective tailor made HR advisory solutions as per the requirements of clients and endeavour to align them with the larger goal of meeting their revenue targets through a well motivated performance oriented workforce, enlarging their customer base, increasing profits etc. Our human resource advisory solutions include: