Handling Career Transition - From One Job To Another

Every professional – at one point on another – faces a situation when he/she has to make a decision to switch to another company/take up a new job/role.

  • Should I take up this new offer that has come to me?

  • I am not liking my current job – but maybe this new one could actually turn out to be worse?!

  • My current salary is quite low – how do I negotiate for a significantly higher increase?

  • What are the questions I should ask of my potential new employer before making my decision?

  • What is the best way to ask some of the sensitive questions that come in my mind before deciding to switch, without making a wrong impression on new employer?

And many more similar questions may haunt you at that stage.

If you have someone in your network who is close enough to guide you on how to go about taking the decision, and what factors to keep in mind – great! If you cannot think of anyone to guide you on this objectively – please get in touch with the Xcalibur team and they will take you through a step by step process of helping you arrive at the decision which works best for you - within your aspirations, inclinations, skills as well as constraints! The experts will also guide you and handhold you on the actual transition process!

Please send in your preliminary details at the following link for an Xcalibur Coach to call you to answer any queries that you may have on the above offering. To provide your details ‘click here’