Facing Job Interviews Confidently

Interviews are the most crucial part of the entire selection procedure for a job opportunity. Many  of you may be confident by nature – others may not be so confident. Whether you belong to the first or the second category – you are bound to feel under-confident ( by varying degrees) during interviews – it is natural.

The Xcalibur team is equipped to support you in your interview preparation. Besides your specific queries – during your one to one interview preparation session, some of the general areas we always endeavour to cover are:

  • Pre Interview Preparation tips

  • Code of conduct & Showcasing an impressive candidature

  • Potential Interview Questions & How to ace them

  • List of questions to ask

  • Salary negotiation tips

  • Concluding an interview

  • Post-interview Follow up tips

You can book a coaching slot with an Xcalibur Coach to handhold and support you through your interview preparation.

You can also opt for a second follow –up session, where a mock interview is taken for you, and detailed feedback provided.

Please send in your preliminary details at the following link for an Xcalibur Coach to call you to answer any queries that you may have on the above offering. To provide your details ‘click here’