Executive Coaching & Training For Senior Management

Under executive coaching for senior management, we undertake assessments (whether personality assessments or competency assessments depending upon the need of the hour) and also Skills Enhancement Trainings.



We are licensed to administer many popular international personality assessment instruments and generally advise an appropriate tool to the client as per their need - whether expressed or latent. Based on the reports generated, we prepare a detailed coaching program for individual leaders on how to work towards leveraging their strengths and also work around their areas of opportunities.


We also undertake Competency Assessments based on tools that have been developed in-house for specific leadership competencies. These tools allow us to analyze as to how a leader fares on specific competencies and how well a job is being done by a person, in comparison to the performance standards. Based on these assessments, we identify the strengths and areas of opportunities for individual leaders and follow it with a VED analysis to identify competencies to focus on, on priority to help accelerate their career growth.


Based on Personality/ Competency Assessment, we hold Individual Coaching Labs to help leaders design their own Individual Development Plans which have specific, time bound action plans to help them leverage upon their strengths and work upon their areas of opportunities.


We coach senior managers in building their personal brands akin to building a brand image for a product. We do this by helping managers identify their qualities, competencies, individuality and other personality aspects which are then leveraged upon to create an impressive personal brand which resonates with confidence and great leadership skills. Right from digital foot printing and active online presence to refining resumes, inculcating active networking skills and grooming, we make sure our clients bring out a consummate personal image through their own personal brands.