Creating Your Career Development Plan

Do you face any of the following dilemmas?

  • You wonder whether you have picked up the right job/career?

  • You have some ‘dream’ jobs but feel that you can never make it to those companies/jobs?

  • You do not know which function would be most suitable to pursue in the long run?

  • You feel that your friends seem so happy and content in their jobs as compared to you?

  • You do not have clarity on where you want to be in your career a few years down the line?

  • You have an idea about what you want to achieve but don’t have a clue on how to get there?

  • You wish you had a mentor to guide you on your to progress in your career!

If some of the above thoughts come in your mind often –  the Xcalibur team has the expertise to guide you and support you in getting your career onto a clear, structured and  well planned path! Our experts would first undertake some scientifically designed tests to capture your interests, values, competencies etc as also your unique personal constraints – and then handhold you in drafting your step by step Career Development Plan which would contain a detailed roadmap to help you achieve your career goal.

Please send in your preliminary details at the following link for an Xcalibur Coach to call you to answer any queries that you have on the above offering. To provide your details ‘click here’