Creating A Powerful Personal Brand

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I asked my colleagues or friends to describe me, what would they say?

  • If my potential employers were to google me, what are the key things they would learn about me?

  • What are my characteristics or actions that make me stand out in a group?

  • What is my personal philosophy which guides all my actions?

  • What sort of social circles would people assume me to be a part of?

  • What skills would I be considered to possess if people get connected to me on linkedin?

Your answers to these questions, if summed up logically, will provide a hint of your personal brand - that you are associated with. If you are still struggling with your answers, you have yet to develop a strong personal brand.

Remember, it is not mandatory to develop a personal brand  - but whether you work towards it or not, you do get associated with an ‘image’ which is nothing but your personal brand. So why not work towards getting associated with the right ‘image’ which helps you get noticed in professional circles for the right reasons ?

The Xcalibur team has the expertise to support you in developing a powerful personal brand that takes you closer to your career goals. They can handhold  you into planning out a customized Personal Brand Building Program for you!

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