Cracking Group Discussions

You may have many questions pop up in in your mind -if you are told that there are too many applicants - so there is going to be a filtering round before your interview – in the form of a group discussion:

  • How should I prepare for a group discussion round? 

  • Should I try and be the first speaker, or the last speaker or speak sometime in between? 

  • What if everyone in the group wants to be the first speaker/last speaker? 

  • How should I handle an aggressive group member? 

  • What if I do not know much on the topic? 

  • What are the evaluators really looking for? 

  • What are the parameters on which participants are scored?h. Does content matter more or the way I speak? 

  • Will it get me points if I conclude at the end? 

  • What are the do’s and don’t s while participating in a group discussion?

To get answers to the above questions and many more, you have three options:

Option 1: Get in touch with the Xcalilbur team for a one to one coaching session.

Option 2: Opt to participate in mock group discussions organized by the Xcalibur team from time to time and receive detailed feedback on how to improve on your group discussion skills.

Option 3: Get in touch with your college to organize a Group discussion session for your college wherein an expert from the Xcalibur team will take a session on ‘How to Handle Group Discussions Successfully’ and also conduct mock group discussions in your college and provide detailed feedback.

Please send in your preliminary details at the following link for an Xcalibur Coach to call you to answer any queries that you may have on the above offering. To provide your details ‘click here’