Leadership Coaching For Middle/ Junior Management

In a rapidly changing business environment, Middle and Junior level managers with aspirations to rise up the career ladder, need help to identify and hone competencies needed for success. We provide trainings and one to one coaching sessions for such executives with a view to enhance their skills and help boost their career profiles. Some of our main offerings are:

1. Coaching for success in current role: 

Xcalibur.Coach team works on identifying the gap areas for managers that may be inhibiting optimal performance in the current role. Once these areas have been identified, suitable assistance is given in the form of training or one to one coaching to help remove these gap areas in a structured manner.

2. Coaching for Career Progression:

Young managers may also have clear/not so clear career aspirations and may need expert help in defining a career path for themselves. In addition, they may also need guidance & clarity on how to achieve those career aspirations. Xcalibur.Coach is equipped with the expertise in this area and has helped many a young professionals achieve their goals.

3. Designing and working on Individual Development Plans: 

Xcalibur.Coach also helps young professionals draw up structured and comprehensive IDPs that include specific time bound actionables, which if followed ,will take these professionals closer to their dreams.